Warlords: Heroes

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Action Adventure Fighting 


Achilles had over 13 million plays (mochibot) and was featured on G4 TV (view here) "Warlords: Call to Arms" has had over 28 million plays to date (mochibot) "Warlords: Heroes" is a game based on the Achilles engine, keeping the flowing satisfying feel, combined with the diversity of the characters and unit from "Warlords: Call to Arms" Features: 3 Main characters each with their own story, weaponary and fighting styles Ability to upgrade your character by buying extra fighting moves, armour, magic items. Ability to hire henchmen to assist you in battle, also occasionally friendly units will tag along to help. 7 Bosses including the Giant Troll from Warlords: CtoA Choose your own route accross the land to your quest destinations, and therefore picking your enemies and difficulty Unlockable Survival Mode + More...

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